Top 3 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Weightlifters

Massage therapy promotes health, natural healing, stress relief, and even emotional well-being. However, some aspects of massage therapy specifically benefit weightlifters. These benefits apply to all strength-training enthusiasts, from the amateur to the professional. Here are three of the top benefits of massage therapy for weightlifters.
Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
Weightlifting requires a high degree of flexibility and a good range of motion. Flexibility allows weightlifters to exercise more control over their strength training. As you train, you create small tears in your muscles and associated tissue. As they scar, they draw the tissue closer together. This process will slowly limit your flexibility and range of motion. Massage therapy will help to stretch those muscle fibers, which will maintain your flexibility and range of motion.
Reduced Pain and Increased Comfort
Overworked muscles will cause you pain. When that happens, it will become impossible to train at peak efficiency. Massage therapy can help to ease your pain. Massage also helps to heal muscle injuries, which is what you’re likely suffering from. Besides the pain relief, massage therapy will also help you relieve stress and relax. This will make you feel better altogether, which can translate to increased performance when you train.
Increase Circulation and Easier Breathing
Breathing helps weightlifters move smoothly. As you train, your muscles will develop microscopic cuts. Blood will have trouble delivering oxygen to those muscles. Your circulation will suffer, as well as your breathing, and performance. Your muscles won’t heal as quickly as they should, which increases the likelihood of injury. Massage therapy promotes circulation, helping your blood do its job, speeding up healing, and improving breathing.

You will also experience additional benefits that come with massage therapy’s soft tissue manipulation techniques. Make it a part of your overall weightlifting routine. You will find yourself feeling better, healthier, and ready to tackle your strength training with renewed vigor.

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