How Can Massage Therapy Help With Your Allergy Symptoms?

Allergies can leave you feeling horrible, and you may have to turn to conventional treatments such as steroids and antihistamines to treat your allergies. However, you may not realize that massage therapy can offer some excellent relief for allergy symptoms as well. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking allergy medications, but it can provide some additional relief to make you more comfortable as you try to survive allergy season.

Massage therapy has the ability to help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension, reprogram the panic reaction of your body, and reduce stress. These benefits all work to help relieve many of the allergy symptoms you may be experiencing. One of the main benefits of massage therapy is stress reduction, and studies have shown that stress can make allergies worse. Simply relieving stress with massage therapy may help to easy some of the symptoms that come with allergies.

Experienced massage therapists can also work on specific sinus trigger points to help relieve sinus pressure and congestion, a problem that often comes with allergies. Relieving pressure on the sinuses can significantly relieve many allergy symptoms, so consider asking your massage therapist to work on sinus trigger points specifically if you’re dealing with allergies.

Not only can massage help with allergy symptoms once you’re experiencing allergies, you may find that regular massage can help to reduce problems with allergies before they begin. Massage can boost your immune system, which may help reduce the impact that histamine reactions have on your body.

If you are tired of dealing with allergy symptoms and you’re not getting the relief you want from medications, consider a massage. While it may not cure your allergies, it can offer some significant relief and make you more comfortable throughout allergy season.For expert massage services, contact LaVida Massage of Bentonville today!

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