Beating Workplace Stress With a Massage

Workspace stress has become and epidemic in the American workplace. A recent report in Business News Daily states that 66 percent of employees report stress-related difficulty focusing on tasks at work and that the estimated cost to American businesses is up to $300 billion a year in lost productivity and errors in the workplace. Forward0thinking companies like Google, Eddie Bauer, and Boeing have included employee massage benefits for years. Every year, more and more companies are offering massage therapy to overworked employees.

Savvy businesses now encourage their employees to keep their stress levels down by booking regular massage therapy sessions. Some offer on site chair massages during business overtime crunches  or offer massage coupons as perks and contest prizes. As a way to woo new customers some sales teams sometimes offer short business seminars that include a choice of spa treatments for each attendee.

With or without employer support, employees themselves are turning in  greater numbers to regular massage sessions as a healthy means to address their job stress.

If you have a physically, emotionally, or intellectually stressful job, it's best to schedule regular massages with the same massage therapist so he or she can:

  • Become familiar with the unique ways that stress affects you and target them in each session
  • Suggest the best massage techniques for you
  • Advise you on how often to schedule regular massages
  • Offer tips on how to add new daily habits such as stretching, yoga, or self-massage to help you unwind
  • Teach you the subtle stress warning signs that you may be tuning out, so that you can come in for an appointment before your muscles get too knotted up

The benefits to your employees are real and lasting, and massage therapy is a much healthier perk than morning donuts or a weekly pizza party if you are looking to reward the team for a job well done. To book your appointment with an experienced professional today, contact LaVida Massage of Bentonville! 

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