3 Benefits of Getting a Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a full body massage given to new mothers after birth to help restore the body’s structural realignment. It’s a wonderful way of taking care of oneself, at a critical time when all your efforts and energy are focused on nurturing your newborn. It re-energizes you, supports the body, and alleviates the strain that has developed over your pregnancy period. Indeed, there are many health benefits of getting the massage including the following:

Enhance Relaxation 

More than two-thirds of new moms go through temporary baby blues. The experience is associated with the anxiety of new responsibilities and hormonal changes. Postpartum massage can relax your muscles and enhance circulation hence, relieving the stress, calming you down, and restoring your nervous system. This is through the stimulation of certain receptors that relay information about muscle tension and blood pressure to the nervous system.

Hormone Regulation

After childbirth, the levels of progesterone and estrogen hormone decrease while oxytocin and prolactin rise to allow breastfeeding. These hormonal changes can result in postpartum emotional state, which can include depression and postpartum shaking that can last for several weeks. Postnatal massage enhances hormonal balance significantly; in fact, studies show that massage reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. It also lessens naturally occurring biochemical linked to depression (serotonin and dopamine) and cardiovascular issues (norepinephrine).

If you are feeling overwhelmed by postpartum depression, please do not hesitate to contact your primary care physician.

Decreased Swelling

Body fluids increase by 50% during pregnancy. Thus, mothers need to attain a balance after childbirth. Postpartum massage enhances blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and facilitates the elimination of excess fluids and waste products. This can help you to shed off a few unwanted pounds. The massage, through muscle and skin tone rejuvenation, allows your body to regain elasticity and firmness. That can help you reduce afterbirth flabbiness.

Bottom Line

Postpartum massage is a safe and efficient option to improve your overall well-being. It has proven effective in restoring muscles, promoting relaxation, and stimulating healing. Besides, it allows new moms to feel nurtured and revitalized.


There are several benefits to massage, but check with your medical provider before starting a massage regimen, discuss with them how long postpartum you should wait before getting a massage. You should also make sure to discuss whether or not you can have a full body massage or if there are parts of your body that should not be massaged.

To schedule your appointment with a certified professional, contact LaVida Massage of Bentonville, AR today.

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